Cold Water Plunge

What would you do for a healthy challenge?

Would you jump into the sea? I did! It was a bit of a coincidence.  I have read about this Iceman guy, Wim Hof. He says that breathing techniques, meditation and exposing your body to coldness will make you strong, happy and healthy. This did not convince me enough at the time. I was terrified even thinking about putting my bare feet into the sea.

In December my friends got me involved into the Dip for Laura Lynn charity. I was quite happy to just donate 😅 My friends were very “encouraging” let’s say. On the 20th of December I was chicken-hearted and would run away if there weren’t so many onlookers. It would be a shame… so I did it! Thousands of needles were piercing my body. I could hardly breathe but I was so happy and proud after probably 30 seconds in the water 😀 It is truth that endorphin fire occurs after. You are just the happiest person in the world! I am still happy even writing about it 😂I would not think I would do it again but my friends’ enthusiasm turned out to be contagious. I did it 5 more times since and I love it! I was so energized after the dip that I cleaned my house and cooked dinner in no time 😀

What have I learned?

• You need to change clothes quickly. Have warm, easy to wear clothes.

• Have a yoga matt to stand on while changing clothes.

• A hat, gloves and a scarf are a must. Wear a hat while dipping. Neoprene socks and gloves may be handy (for later if you love it and stay in the water longer).

• Have a flask with hot water, tea etc. (alcohol-free of course).

• Do not try to be a hero. Stay in the water as short as you feel. Yet my fear of cold water was gone after two dips.

• Do not have a hot bath straight after. Soaking feet in hot water is safe.

• Do not eat sweets after the dip (sugar of any kind). According to dr Ewa Dabrowska, one candy can block our immune system for 30 minutes. Have some vit. C instead 😉

• No one mentioned to me a lip balm and a hand cream and this is something I felt I needed after the dip. Especially if you need to drive to the seaside. If you’re lucky to have it within 5 km…

• Having a warm shower at the evening and using Holos body oil after is the nicest thing in the world 🤗

I am going to dip once a week. That is my resolution for 2021!

Share with us your experience and advice. We can learn from each other.