Have you heard about Hygge?

A clean house, beautifully decorated, lots of comfort food, candles everywhere, family together spending quality time. Sounds like Christmas, right? Danes made it a lifestyle by making the ordinary day extraordinary. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for “a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment”.

Hygge is about rituals: tea or coffee drunk slowly from a beautiful cup, nice bath with essential oils and candles, sitting by the fire wearing fluffy socks and wrapped with a woolen blanket.

Hygge is good for your health. It’s even good for your relationship!

Imagine having Christmas every day

Hygge with fluffy socksJust add going to work 😉 It is possible 😀 Here is the recipe:

  • minimize clutter – clutter tends to lead to more clutter
  • don’t keep broken items. Either fix them or get rid of them (Chinese say broken things bring bad energy)
  • little things make all the difference – decorate your house with objects with souls, those which have a meaning to you, i.e. shell brought from holidays rather than an item bought in a store.
  • do not keep your good china for a special occasion. Make every day special.
  • be connected with nature. Bring the nature indoor. Pinecones, branches, flowers bring a sense of peace and comfort
  • set your mood – plan your mood with music, create playlists
  • dinner time is sacred – family time without distractions, phones away, candles on the table.

Let’s not forget our pets

They bring special kind of love into our lives.

Have a lovely Christmas and keep the mood all year round!  Let’s Hygge 2021! X