Super Natural Activity

Pre & Probiotic Spritz

Infused with frankincense, lavender & sweet orange

Strengthen your skin to prevent  redness, inflammation, breakouts or dry irritated patches

150ml      $44 Ex. Tax

35% off 

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💦 pH balanced good bacteria to help maintain skin immunity

💦 Protects against environmental irritants & pathogens

💦 Speeds up wounds & acne healing

💦 Helps calm redness & rosacea

💦 Helps prevent fine lines

💦 Can be used over makeup

Spritz 3 times onto facial skin, front and both sides, avoiding the eyes. Use after cleansing, before and after serums and oils


“This is without doubt one of the most innovative and hard-working products I have ever put on my skin. What a revelation! It drenches and refreshes your skin beautifully. Icing on the cake is the Triple Lipid Replenish Cream to follow. Love love these products and want to buy the lot! Thank you Team for making these products at a really affordable price. Can’t recommend them enough.”
“I cannot say enough good things about the Holos prebiotic spray. I was given antibiotics for a bacterial rash on my face, I used the spray and didn’t actually need or use the antibiotics as it went away instantly. I also came out in an allergy rash yesterday and used the spray which eased the itchiness while waiting for the antihistamine to kick in. It’s the best skincare product I’ve bought to date..”
Holos Skincare Science Nature Conciousness

About Us

Holos Skincare is a European brand hand produced in the South East of Ireland. It is made with plant ingredients containing vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, alongside scientifically proven plant actives, chosen carefully with the environment and sustainability at the fore of all we do.

         We believe:

🌿 prevention is better than cure

🌿 skincare is an extension of your healthcare.

Our Ranges

This is More

Multiuse, multifunctional

Super Natural Activity range by Holos Skincare

Super Natural Activity

Penetrative ingredients for age prevention

Holos Love Your Skin Anti-aging Facial Oil with Argan

Love Your Skin

Hydrating, anti-aging

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