Holos skincare products
Niamh Hogan Natural Health Therapist
This is More range - 685 x 315 px (8)

Through active botanical ingredients,
Holos nourishes skin health
and supports the skin as it naturally ages

Holos Skincare Vision
Holos Skincare Mission



Holos Skincare belief
Skincare is an extension of your health care



Customer focused Holos Skincare
Holos Skincare is a European brand hand produced

Our Ethics

vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly
Read more about Holos ethics in our blog post

Meet our Team

Niamh Hogan CEO Holos Skincare
Niamh is passionate about the luxurious beauty of nature and how it can have amazing benefits to our skin. She loves business and while she loves tech, she spends a lot of time shouting at computers in the office when they don't do what they should be doing.
Niamh Hogan
Teresa Keating The Production Manager
Teresa is organised and the queen of the Production room. Do not enter without her permission. She's been by Niamh's side since the beginning and has seen Holos grow from getting the odd website order to the busy business we are today.
Teresa Keating
The Production Manager
Ewa Winkel Holos Skincare
Ewa loves learning and trying new things. A brilliant executioner of Niamh's random ideas. Regularly found dragging Niamh away from the printer that she's trying to throw out the window for not working.
Ewa Winkel
Digital Marketing Manager
Dawn Doran
Dawn is our Customer service woman who is available for all of your customer needs. If she doesn't have the answer she'll find someone who has. She's service with a smile, personified.
Dawn Doran
Customer Service with a smile
Ava no background
Ava is a dynamic student of business and marketing who creates lots of the great content for our social media. Slowly dragging us oldies into the modern day with TikToks and Insta reels.
Ava Slye
The Social Media Woman
Amanda Fedotova Holos Skincare Dispatch Diva
Amanda is our no nonsense fun-filled team member who makes sure your orders are processed and out the door in a timely fashion. Organised and adaptable, she's more than happy to jump in and help in production when needed.
Amanda Fedotova
The Dispatch Diva
Regina Angulin Holos Skincare
Regina is organised and has endless energy. She also loves a good chat. A lover of lifting weights, health foods and coffee, she's an all round balanced gal.
Regina Angulin
The Production Assistant
Bella Hogan-Hickey
Bella makes up your giftsets and rolls your facial towels, makes samples and all those things that take lots of time but are very important in getting products to our fabulous customers. She's sweet as a cupcake but cheeky when she feels like it!
Bella Hogan-Hickey
The Production assistant