Winter skin must-haves

To keep your skin in good condition you need to hydrate it. To keep the moisture in the skin is a different story and may be a challenge winter time. The weather, air condition and heating are not skin-friendly. But do not worry. There is a simple solution. Just two products included in your daily skincare routine will make sure your skin will receive plenty hydration, vitamins, good fatty acids (lipids) and anti-oxidants.

winter berries

Holos Hyaluronic Acid Face & Eye SerumHolos This is More hyaluronic acid Serum awared by Free From Skincare

Serum contains cucumber extract, Aloe Vera and essential oils of lime and juniper. This serum works multiple ways.

  • It pulls moisture from the environment and “brings” onto the skin. Lots of it!
  • Locks moisture in the skin to prevent loss of hydration.
  • Lime and juniper protects skin from bacteria and fungus therefore is perfect for the most demanding sensitive skin.
  • Aloe Vera is famous for healing and hydrating properties (in over 90% consists from water). If it’s healing – it’s anti-wrinkle.

Remember about the invigorating aroma of essential oils. They do make us feel awake and energised.
You will get the best results using it in the morning after cleansing and toning. Just one pea-size drop for the whole face, around the eyes and neck is plenty. Apply moisturiser after to lock the moisture in.

Holos Anti-ageing Facial Oil awardsHolos Love Your Skin Facial Oil

Facial Oil is a vitamin and anti-oxidants booster. Anti-oxidants fight off free radicals that cause premature ageing.

  • Made in 98% of argan oil, which is one of the most absorbent oil in the world. Our skin “drinks” it. We can be sure that all the vitamins and fatty acids are in the right place making our skin plumped, nourished and reducing fine lines.
  • Essential oils of Frankincense, Rose, Benzoin and Palmarosa help to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and fine lines. They also calm and relax our senses.

For the best results use evening time after cleansing and toning. Four drops, using both hands massage into face, neck, and forehead and around the eyes for 10-20 seconds. Apply moisturiser after if needed. Suitable for all skin types including oily and combined skin.

If you wish to use serum and facial oil twice a day do so. Just remember the Hyaluronic Acid Serum first as it is water based and Love Your Skin Facial Oil after. So you are sorted for the winter! 😀